Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Klashnekoff's 'Back To The Sagas' To Be Released in April

Amazon.co.uk and Play.com both have this eagerly-awaited UK Hip Hop album up for pre-order with the release date of April 12th (on Amazon). Play.com have a tracklist, although I guess this is porbably subject to some change. Anyway, it seems the album features alot of Skriblah (who stuck by Klash after the Terra Firma fallout a couple of years back), D.Ablo (who featured on Kyza's 'S.O.S.' recently), Wretch 32, Smasher, The Thirst and K9. I would love it if this is going to be as classic as some of the tracks that made up 'The Sagas...'.

Forever more (feat D.ABLO)
Piano (Feat THE THIRST)
Keep It Moving (Feat D.ABLO)
Hands Up (feat SMASHER amnd SKRIBLAH)
Ric O Chet K Lash Nek Off (Feat D.ABLO)
Tek Time (Feat SKRIBLAH and CAPITO)
Come Soon
Paper Up
Reppin Hard (Feat SKRIBLAH)
Raw (Feat CAPITO)
Cold World
Son Of Niya Pt. 2 (Feat K9)
Show Me The Way (Feat SKRIBLAH)
Get It Too
Feal Kuti (Feat SKRIBLAH and DIAM RUFF)
Somebody Tell Me (Feat WRETCH 32 and SMASHER)

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