Monday, 7 December 2009

'F.D.T.' - Mystro (EP review)

Whether he’s spitting limerick-based autobiographies (‘Live and U Learn’) or discussing religion and world affairs (‘Aquarius’) Mystro’s always doing something a little bit different. Even if he wasn’t original, the quality of his music is head, shoulders and top hat above the rest.

Mystro’s ‘F.D.T.’ EP is a prime example of why an MC who has yet to drop an album proper has so much respect on the UK Hip Hop scene. With ‘The Truth’ flawlessly displaying the kind of multi-syllabic rhymes that seem to come so easily to Mys, you know what to expect right from the very beginning.

Mysdiggi’s trademark wit is deeply engrained in this set, so much so that it’s not always obvious (although it’s clearly there in the three skits). ‘Banishment’ is a solid warning to all those willing to cross Mystro that, despite the cartoon descriptions of violence, could be menacing to those who it’s meant for. ‘Thorish’ also sees Mys get playful over a slow-burning beat as he battle-rhymes his way to the end without a hook in sight. ‘F.D.T.’s serious feeling continues as Mystro bewails the state of the music scene on the noisy ‘Maintain’ before finishing with ‘The Urge’ – a sombre track (“I ain’t a killer but I do get the urge”) that leaves the listener wondering – what will the album be like? Will it be like Mystro’s old material or will it be like this?

The 'F.D.T.' EP will be available through all major digital stores from December 14th 2009 on Don't Bizznizz.

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