Saturday, 5 December 2009

'The Boombap Bootleg Volume 2' - Prose (review)

Downtempo, cheese-free beats worthy of the album’s name and honest organic rhymes make up Prose’s latest release ‘The Boombap Bootleg Vol. 2’. The cover claims that these are ‘demos, rarities and treats’ and the last is certainly true. MC Efeks and Producer/DJ Steady bring the realness as described on ‘Built To Last (First Quest)’ and Efeks’ belief that he was “conceived in a lab, by die hard Hip Hop fans trying to rekindle the essence of the dead culture” may explain why their music is authentic Hip Hop.

‘Know(the)ledge’ stands out with its appealing guitar melodies and its successor is ‘Personal Efeks’ – a familiar and almost medieval sounding slice of wise lyricism. Here are ten tracks of pretty positive and intelligent Hip Hop for all those hankering after some decent listening.

The album can be bought from the venerable Bandcamp for a minimum ‘donation’ of £2- well worth it – what else can you buy with that anyway? Go stream the album there to try before you buy.

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