Wednesday, 2 December 2009

'On The Radar Vol. 5' Artist Profile - Mr. Flex (+ free download)

Name: Mr Flex AKA Lyrical Agent

Age: Unknown

From: Vulcan via Wembley

Track on ‘On The Radar’: ‘Nothing to Prove’ featuring Sophie Rose Harper and produced by Beat Butcha

Tell us the story behind the track: Got the beat over a year ago. Came up with lyrics and concept pretty much straight away. As it was my first solo joint, I wanted to tell my story, and give people an introduction to myself. Been rapping for years now, doing open mics and reaching everything and anything Hip Hop related in London. I live this Hip Hop ting, and I hope this track portrays this. Originally I was going to try and sing the hook myself but after a few attempts I decided I’m no singer! For the hook I was looking for a certain sound, and tried a few singers, but it just never sounded right. So I put an ad on gumtree, and that’s how I found Sophie Rose Harper. ( Checked out her myspace, and really liked what I heard. I gave her an idea of what I wanted the hook to say, and she took that on board and came up with a heavy hook. Such a beautiful voice and she was very professional too. I plan to shoot a video for it in 2010 and I hear the track is no 1 on the Vulcan music charts at the moment! Live long and prosper!

Record label: none

Who you roll with: Chosen Spokesmen (Blick Kid, Danger da Sergeant, Modulation, Gadget Boy) Risk Beats, 10 Foot, DJ 456 Urban Flex Show. Kashmere always show me love too.

Favourite album: OC - ‘Jewelz’

Describe your style in three words: Ruff, Rugged and Raw.

Past/Present/Future projects:
Past: ‘Mad Real’ Produced by Chemo which was on OTR 4.
Present: Just applying the finishing touches to my EP untitled as yet.
Future: Chosen Spokesmen Mix Tape/album, just started recording for this, got beats from Kelakovski at the moment. Look out for a track called ‘More Money’ ft. Blick Kid coming early in 2010.

Much Love Mr Flex

Download all of 'On The Radar Vol. 5' here and now!

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