Thursday, 16 April 2009

'C-Mone vs. The Indie Boys: The Mixtape' - C-Mone (free download)

One of Britain's bestest female MCs has dropped a mixtape so chock-full of quality that it's hard to believe she got clearance for all the samples. Oh wait, she probably hasn't but we Hip Hop fans like that don't we?

'C-Mone vs. The Indie Boys: The Mixtape', as you may have guessed, is Nottingham's C-Mone rapping over beats made from tracks by artists such as Ian Brown, Razorlight, Coldplay and Bloc Party. If that's something that appeals to you already then great, but if it doesn't, give it a go, it's really worth it.

The mixtape also features a few new names: CizzI, Kirk Spencer, Zeeks, Soulstice, Nick Stez and Jah Digga.

'Amerika/Falling Star' is a pretty intelligent exploration of the world's obsession with America (over Razorlight's 'America') and opener 'Guilty', produced by Nick Stez and featuring Chicago's Soulstice and Nott's resident Jah Digga is also well nice. 'Festival of the Rising Sun' is a really interesting interpretation of Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars'.

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