Wednesday, 8 April 2009

'Moonlight Vibes' - Simple Samples (free download - *New Link*)

Not posting this sooner is kinda similar to commiting some minor felony. Simple Samples (as heard on 'On The Radar Vol. 2') dropped this free to download LP entitled 'Moonlight Vibes' about 3 weeks ago (I think) and forgot to tell me straight away, then I forgot to listen to it.

Now I have listened to it I have no option but to post up about it. With good time headnod vibes and a no nonsense approach to Hip Hop that I appreciate Dweller and Scrabble have crafted a bit of a diamond in the rough.

This album reveals the pair's funky nature and also their considerable skills are well on display - not at all bad for two lads from Salford and Bolton! Have a listen to The Commodores sampling 'Brick House', 'Dark Matter Remix' from OTR Vol. 2, 'The Program' and 'Lethal Weapon Edit'.


James said...

the link has already expired... where else can i get this?

Certified Banger said...

I've put up a working link now!