Friday, 17 April 2009

'Protekshun Rack-it' - WanDan (free download)

This is now a couple of years old but it's new to me and chances are, it'll be new to you too. WanDan's 'Protekshun Rack-it' features all sorts of Hip Hop shenanigans including a fair dose of beatboxing, the very thing he is known for.

WanDan is the beatboxer in the live Hip Hop group Lazy Habits, who I featured before and who will be playing at Glastonbury 2009. MC Lazy of Lazy Habits features prominently on 'Protekshun Rack-it' alongside Compound. Jid Sames also pops up with a characterful verse on 'National Wanthem'.

More recently WanDan has been working with the excellent Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee (who, yes you guessed it, plays the flute and beatboxes) - check WanDan's myspace for more of that.

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