Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Free Tough Touch Tracks

I don't know whole lot about Tough Touch but rest assured I'll find out. What I do know is that they are 3 guys - Social Conscience, Kali Mist and Reggie Million$ who are most probably from Bristol. They sent three tracks for you to download for free: 'Ain't Got A Scene' which is produced by Kali Mist, 'Tomorrow' produced by DJ Fingafood and 'Still My Baby' produced by Matchstick. All three tracks are rooted in the classic 90s sound but have a modern edge that makes them fresh for '09, your suckers.

None of these excellent tracks will feature on 'The Big Band Theory EP' by Social Conscience and Kali Mist so consider them a bonus when you buy that later this year. Check those Reverbnation links above for more free stuff from these boys.

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