Wednesday, 8 April 2009

'Early Believers' - Kero One (album review)

Kero One’s new album ‘Early Believers’ is the perfect partner for the sun we’re beginning to experience. Bright and melodic production abounds from this American MC and producer evoking all kinds of sunshine related thoughts (beers, BBQs etc). Kero has a penchant for extended instrumental solo outros which go on a bit, but as background music that works.

If this is Kero’s stab at the charts then he may just get there. endorses the album; surely a sign of pop sensibility. As a fan of less pop Hip Hop I can actually listen to this although for some it may be too upbeat.

Brit Dan Westbeech lends sung vocals on two tracks as does Tuomo. Ohmega Watts features on ‘Stay On The Grind’, a cheerful take on the work ethic that Hip Hop has termed ‘grinding’.

‘Early Believers’ is out on 20th April on his own label Plug Music.

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