Thursday, 9 April 2009

'Handle Your Business' - Streetz (free download)

Streetz is pretty much the rapper the UK doesn’t need right now. Even from the name and the CD cover I can tell that much. Hailing from Bristol (usually a good sign) the MC formerly known as Street Philosphia has adopted a drawl that makes 50 Cent sound like a plum-voiced, eloquent finishing school tutor. He also says ‘nigger’ far too often.

I’ve pretty much just summed up everything I have to say about ‘Handle Your Business’ already but I’ll say a bit more. If fake dirty south rap is what you want then download yourself a copy – it is free after all. If not, go download a UGK album. All the gangster posturing and stereotypical rap talk has no real place in the UK Hip Hop scene and to be honest the worldwide Hip Hop scene is moving away from it too.


nofrillz said...

hahaha i thought uk emcees using us accents died a death a long time ago.

hahaha funny stuff (at him not with him)

TIMMEH said...

Spot on.