Wednesday, 8 April 2009

'Shifty' - Riz MC, Sway & Plan B

'Shifty' is a British independent film which stars Riz MC/Riz Ahmed and Daniel Mays (from 'The Bank Job' which I watched only last night!) and "sits somewhere between Kidulthood and Snatch". The film is release on April 24th. See the trailer below for a taste of what to expect.

Riz MC has teamed up with Sway and Plan B to record the theme song also entitled 'Shifty' which is produced by True Tiger. Production wise it's what you'd expect of any Hip Pop track at the moment (it should appeal to the radio listeners) but the intelligent and quality social commentary courtesy of the 3 MCs makes this a great track. See the video below to hear the track.

The guys behind the film are also running a Bedroom Producer competition at The stems from the Shifty soundtrack are provided for download and budding producers are being asked to remix the original track with the winner bagging £500 plus studio time with a producer to complete the track.

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