Wednesday, 8 April 2009

'The Sun' - Mr. Lif (single review)

Mr. Lif’s latest single ‘The Sun’ is a muddily produced and lyrically optimistic take on the recent changes in the world’s economic situation. According to the ex Def Jux man ‘The Sun’ “is a song meant to provide inspiration and hope for people who lost their homes and for all of us struggling through these difficult times”.

It’s good to hear current issues being discussed in Hip Hop and Lif raps with conviction and compassion. He points out that MCs need to be pointing people towards the immaterial things of this world – a message many people in these times obsessed with celebrity lifestyle need to hear.

‘The Sun’ is out on April 13th on Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises and is taken from the forthcoming album ‘I Heard It Today’ which is available on May 4th.

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