Wednesday, 29 April 2009

'Distant Voices' - ScholarMan & Jonesy (free download)

ScholarMan, a MC from the US of A, must have a penchant for collaborations with UK artists. A few weeks ago he dropped a free 7 track EP with UK producer Jonesy and today SoloCypher revealed his track with the man.

'Distant Voices' demonstrates ScholarMan's diversity - 'Across Waters' is laid back but 'Well Suited' certainly smacks of Wu-Tang. Jonesy's beats are of that Golden Era survivalist style - y'know, it doesn't sound exactly like the 90s but the influence is there. ScholarMan's lyrics are credible and is his voice is gritty and commanding.

His hook up with SoloCypher, 'Change Thru The Rhyme', expresses a collective desire to use music to catalyse positive changes in the world and when this style of Hip Hop becomes fashionable, I'm sure we'll get there. At the moment, I feel we're in the tail end of the fashion for ignant rap.

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