Wednesday, 1 April 2009

'Love & Music' - Kyza (single review)

It’s drawing closer to the time when Kyza, formerly of Terra Firma alongside Klashnekoff, drops his mixtape ‘S.O.S. (Shots Of Smirnoff)’. The first single from this project is ‘Love & Music’/’Dirty’.

‘Love & Music’ is a soulful ode to the music Kyza loves that sees him drop names as diverse as Cameo to Nirvana, Kate Bush to Foreigner. It’s a nice simple concept and playing ‘spot the artist’ will provide hours of family fun! ‘Dirty’, as you might expect, is not so family orientated - it’s “for the ladies”. To be honest, any real lady wouldn’t be fooled by Kyza’s particular brand of very unsubtle come overs. It’s actually a bit sickening.

The production on both tracks comes from newcomer Ghosttown, look out for that name because these tracks both have a certain crossover appeal.

‘Love & Music’ is out on 27th April on Dented Records.

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