Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sinoptic Music Free Promo Pack

If you fancy a choice selection of what Bradford label/collective Sinoptic Music have to offer then look no further than their free to download promo pack. It featrues a nicely digestible 8 tracks which represents the whole crew.

'Wifey Bars' from the Missing People EP is on there and 'On the Radar' producer Miss Tofelees' US hook-up with Real Life 'Oven Roast' is on there too. JND, ExP, Never Learn, Angry Nik, Lunar C, The Protagonist, Wydeboy, Mastermind and singer Angela Bellis all feature as do Bradford live Hip Hop/funk band Freyed Knot.

Follow the links in the artist's names to check out some myspaces after you've picked your favourites.

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