Tuesday, 28 April 2009

'The Glossop View EP' - Missing People (EP review)

Missing People, the newest Hip Hoppers to come out of Bradford, come with beats and rhymes so ill they could have just been on holiday in Mexico. I can’t decide whether a screwface or a cheeky grin is more necessary upon listening to ‘The Glossop View EP’ – probably both if you take into account the different characters of the three members – Lunar C, Angry Nik and Never Learn.

Production is shared between Never Learn and Freyed Knot frontman ExP and JND (also of Freyed Knot) contributes the beat for ‘Wifey Bars’ featuring Wydeboy and Freyed Knot. It’s Never Learn’s beats that are darker with his stand out moment being the Erik Satie sampling ‘Annelids’ – big favourite. ExP provides the more cheerful sounds that match Lunar C’s solo loony lyrics so well on ‘Why Are People Gay?’ and ‘The Earl of Beantin’. ExP also lends verses on ‘Sweaty Gooch’, ‘Needles In The Gutter’ and ‘Let’s Get To This’.

With lines like “I’m heavy like a bag of soggy Argos catalogues” you know you’re going to enjoy listening in to the minds of these young Yorkshire lads for 25 minutes. ‘The Glossop View EP’ is out now on Sinoptic Music and can be bought for a mere £3.50 here.

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shalom said...

yepp 2 be fare thts pretty fukin bad arse lads ...oh n my aunty thinks its sikk !!