Wednesday, 15 April 2009

'It's A Funny Old Game' - Farma G

Farma G has just dropped a new mixtape - 'It's A Funny Old Game'. He's done it on the innovative bandcamp website and, like Radiohead's last album, you have to make a 'donation' in order to download it.

The minimum donation is £5 for the whole 18 tracks. You can listen to it all before you pay the money so that try before you buy argument works here without actually stealing.

It features some tracks you may have heard before on youtube and myspace ('I Love Dee Cake!', 'Influenza' and 'You're Such A Dope' for example). There's not a bad track on here IMO and Farma proves that he is still one of the kings of the UK scene.

<a href="">B.D.R of D.Y by Task Force</a>


Farma said...

Nice 1 bro..i must admit to this being more of a collection of tunes than a whole body of work. I realise that a lot of dudes put in mad hours and time into their mixtapes etc and with this one i confess that it is just more of a collection..thanks for the heads up as always bro


Tom said...

sounds . keep it up. Taskforce forever.