Friday, 5 December 2008

Artist Profile: Jelluzz

Name: Jelluzz

Age: 23

From: Tottenham

Current project: 'Capital Letterz' (the mixtape) and 'Die Never, Live Forever' (the album)

Current single: 'Hold On'

Tell us the story behind the track: I was getting tired of the politics in the music industry and personally I was going through some setbacks at the time, and it just made me want to give up music, until I bought a scratchcard for a laugh and won £2000! That gave me the motivation to write Hold On, where even though we all go through our drama, you just gotta stick at it and get through it. It's something I definitely see alot of people identifying with.

Record label: In a partnership with Big Deal Management.

Who you roll with: Solo but associated with Sincere and Young Entrepreneur Records.

Favourite album: Kanye West - 'The Graduation'

Describe your style in three words: Futuristic, Artistic, Mainstream

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