Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Producers - MC Looking For Beats! (+ 2 free downloads)

An MC going by the real name of Gary Osborne got in touch with me this week with these two tracks:

'The Divorce'

He's recorded these and others to give shine to his rapping abilities. 'Chains' is a politicised stream of thought spiced up with entertaining and clever lyrics and 'The Divorce' is written through the eyes of a divorced man, and as a result is quite sad.

Gary's lyrics match perfectly to the chosen beats which is why you producers out there should get in touch with him in order to give him some beats. He's currently looking for peeps to work with and is open to listening to any beats, so if you are a producer and want his vocals on your tracks then get at me and I'll put you onto Gary Osborne. If I were you, I'd do it!


Anonymous said...

Beats for sale at:

JJDR Productions (Chiller) said...

Check out my beats at: