Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Illustrate interview

"Sometimes trying to finish songs can be frustrating and in the past I’ve rushed them and not been 100% happy with the final result. This time I took my time with the album and I’m happy with all the tracks."

Illustrate has just released his debut album proper 'The Stuff' and it's full of intelligently produced beats and witty rhymes. Illustrate is a man of many talents and I caught up with him to find out about what he's up to and the ins and outs of making an album:

Certified Banger: What’s up Illustrate? How’s it going?

Illustrate: All good, thanks.

CB: Can you start this thing with telling us anything about yourself that the peeps out there might not know?

Illustrate: I’m left handed and dyslexic. I’m s**t at reading and spelling. I’m good at art. I manage a bar in Greenwich. My favourite colour’s purple. I drink and smoke too much. I went to private boarding school from a young age. My mum was a radio presenter on XFM. My dad flew tornadoes in the RAF. I’m moving to Australia for a year in two days. I’m claustrophobic. I repeat myself a lot. I repeat myself a lot.

CB: Let’s talk about your new album ‘The Stuff’: The mood of the album is like an emotional rollercoaster. Is this what you intended?

Illustrate: No I didn’t intend for that. I just produced a load of songs about different topics and I guess when they were put together on an album there was quite a contrast. I like that on an album. I get bored of an LP if all the tracks are about similar subjects.

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