Monday, 8 December 2008

'Reflections in the Dark - Grit Grammar (free download)

A whole free album of never ending rhymes and beats from the grimey (but not Grime) side of London:

Grit Grammar - 'Reflections in the Dark'

It's as good as anything that you might buy with actual money so d/l it, burn it and bump it - it's bound to raise a screwface or two as it's pretty gully and, well....gritty. I'll be spinning this one for sure and as your excellent taste maker I order you to too.

Grit Grammar - Cold World
Grit Grammar - The Silver Book
Grit Grammar - Final Frontier

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Emblaze said...

I downloaded this the other day on your recommendation and I've been spinning it non-stop. It's incredible. The hard-hitting lyrics and heavy delivery command attention all the way through. I'ma have to keep an eye out for this dude.

Great blog, man.
Keep up the good work, bruv.