Thursday, 4 December 2008

Snow Day Music!

It snowed here on the westside of Yorkshire and as a result I got a day off work! I nearly didn't mind you, but at the last minute the call came through.

So I fired up the computer and itunes played me some tunes - a nice selection I must say. Here are 4:

First, a classic: 'Boyz in the Hood' by Eazy E - not much to be said really, it was just good to hear it!

Secondly, some UK Hip Hop: 'Crossbows and Catapults' by Eardrums - a Bristol group, this is off their 2004 album 'Man Made Visions'.

Thirdly, something new: 'Burning Bush' ft. Redman by 88-Keys - from his new album 'Death of Adam', this is pretty funky but I do hope Red has learnt from his foolish mistake. (What's the betting this gets taken down?)

Fourthly, something mashed up: 'No Hats (In The Curry House)' by Baby J - a mashup of the Shameless track 'No Hats (No Trainers)' and the Kaiser Chiefs track 'Ruby'.

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