Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Associated Minds... Men, Women and Enzymes

Welsh based Hip Hop label Associated Minds have got a new website and they seriously mean business. So far they've not put a foot wrong release-wise what with Mudmowth's 'Circus in the Cemetery' and Metabeats's 'Metaphysical' LP and a load of other top quizzality CDs and 12"s and the website continues their winning streak. has been professionally designed by professionals - man like Burning Red and Southpaw Vision deserve props over here (or there) - and it looks like the dog's donuts (except much nicer). It's got everything you need on there to get you really really well acquainted with what they're doing in the land of sheep and dragons.

You can also find news about things like Mr. Shrew's lovely artwork being in a gallery and the fact that Metabeats is making a new album. You can even find quotes from yours truly on their press cuttings section - thanks chaps! You can even join the very same mailing list that Mayor has kindly put me on right here.

It also makes me want to go buy all their things from their shop which is surely a reason to have such a spanky website. Get on o'er there with a hotstep! It's the home of the leaders of the next school!
Since they sent it to me, you might as well reap the benefits too: 'Skullcrackology' by Mudmowth, produced by P.L.O. for absolutely nada. Also check this Metabeats produced track/video by Joe Blow, it's called 'Poetry in Motion':


Anonymous said...

..nah. i thought it kinda sucks.

Certified Banger said...

What does Mr. constructive?