Monday, 8 December 2008

'Something's What We've Done' - B'Tol and Jagos (review)

More of an EP than an album, ‘Something’s What We’ve Done’ (I don't get the punctuation either)has only 6 full tracks and if some of the other releases this year had followed suite they might have been better. What you get is a succinct depiction of what MC B’Tol and beatmaker Jagos are really about.

Sounding like Jagos’ Bristol-made beats were shipped around the world, via every sunny place, only to arrive back on British shores, tracks like ‘People’ banish grizzly drizzly weather to the storehouses of heaven. Next year these tracks will be surely be on my summer compilation CD.

‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘Finish This’ (as heard on ‘On The Radar’) retain the sunshine but include a few extra ingredients. The former is an after hours, back at yours dissection of a weekend evening and the latter is a complaint against fake folk in Hip Hop. The Caribbean vibes of ‘New World (Taking Liberties)’ also harbours objections to modern world attitudes.

B’Tol as a lyricist is accomplished – there are no filler lyrics or concepts here. Whatever he turns his hand to topically, he succeeds at. Subject, rhymes, vocab and flow are meshed together to create material akin to Teflon – impenetrable.

'Something's What We've Done' is available for download at Chemical Records or via their myspace and is soon to be joined by 'Something's What They've Done', a bonus selection of tracks featuring remixes by Sose of Se Fire, Prickly Pear, DJ Rogue, DJ Frenic, Dubstep up and comer TIME, Jagos and Nikill making this release a double disc.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this shit is actually dope!!

Heard of British Intelligence a while back, but this guy B got some skillz, and the beats are nice!!

Go get you one!!