Sunday, 14 December 2008

Mudmowth Interview

"As for calling everyone label mates... that’s too official, we’re all boys. If I do ever marry Lily Allen they’re all in the front row except for Ralph – he’s down front giving up the ring!"

Certified Banger: Yo Mudmowth, how’s it going, what’ve you been up to?

Mudmowth: What’s happening? Everything’s wicked at the moment man, the record’s been selling real well, just got back from a small tour of Denmark and Austria now, the crowds were amazing over there, they love their Hip Hop man. Besides touring and pushing the music just been real busy recording new stuff with Metabeats we got an EP coming soon called ‘Sledgehammer Kisses’, I’ve been doing stuff with P.L.O who produced ‘Skullcrackology’ which is pushing the boundaries, its gonna be a project for everyone into music full stop - we got violinists, guitars everything on there, the stuff we got recorded so far s**ts on anything I’ve ever done so I’m really excited about getting that out! As for my album ‘Breakin Blocks in Legoland’, that’s recorded waiting to be mixed down and features production from Ghost, Evil Ed, Conspicuous, Sam Rockwell (who produced ‘Circus in the Cemetery’ and ‘Broken home’) and others. I can go on all day about how good it is but I’ll just sound like an egomaniac, all I will say is if it had been released this year it would have s**t on everything in UK Hip Hop that came out.

Click here to find out what Mudmowth will be doing at Christmas, what he thinks of Goldie Lookin' Chain and more (including something to do with a midget and some rhubarb).

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nofrillz said...

oh hell yeah. always coming 1st with the uk niceness. imma post this at my place, being sure to mention you of course.