Wednesday, 17 December 2008

'Release' ft. Shax - Incisive (video)

West London rapper Incisive is dropping the full video for 'Release' featuring Shax in January so for now, the teaser will have to do. The full track will be out in February although the track is already available on itunes.

The track is also featured on this week's Homegrown Podcast from Ras Kwame at 1Xtra. The full track is excellent - an upbeat soul lick with wah'd guitar licks and lyrics all about working and running the rat race. The little stuttered vocals are a nice unique touch too.

His other single 'Nothing Compares' is produced by TE1 and will feature on Incisive's forthcoming mixtape. It's a laid back lazy beach track but it's all about his music versus your music. Look out for it's B side too - 'In-Ci-Sive' can be heard on his myspace page.

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Andre Levon said...

BIG!!!! I didn't expect anything less fam....