Thursday, 4 December 2008

On The Radar Artist Profile: Safron

Name: Safron

Age: 19

From: Somerset, Southwest England

Track on ‘On The Radar’: Nightbreed Remix

Tell us the story behind the track: Well I was sat in my room chilling to some Bob Marley, when I suddenly heard this sick, one bar sample, I had to have it. Loaded it up into the pads and the rest is history really. I wasn't originally planning for it to be a remix, But while searching for some cuts, playing acapellas over it, Nightbreed was one of them and I thought it sounded heavy, so I just left it on there.

Record label: Unsigned

Who you roll with: Big shout out to the fam, and anyone I've worked with over the past few years. Big up J-Styles, Tommy T, Ralph, Shum, Bean, Marco, Jonny, Ayo. Shout out to Megamouth, Livewire, the whole DTTS crew and everyone keeping it real up north, Shouts to Student Of Battle in the states. Big up to Hi-Rolla, Raab Orwin, Abstract, and anyone else putting in the work and still making real music

Favourite album: Tough, tough question. Although It may sound like a bit of a cliche answer, honestly, I have to say Nas, 'Illmatic'. The beats on that album are what made me want to start producing in the first place, its an album I, my friends, and I'm sure many of you have grown up with. I don't really feel it needs much of a reason, It's 'Illmatic'.

Describe your style in three words: I like to produce lots of styles of hip hop, but for the majority of my beats I'd have to say - Experimental, Clean and Deep? I dunno, I try to make music that represents how I feel at the time

Past/Present/Future projects: I'm currently in a gap year between college and uni, So at the moment I'm just trying to develop my techniques as much as possible, So I have basically just been banging out beats on a daily basis. I've yet to release any 'official' work, so that's also something I'm planning on doing in the next year, putting together my first instrumental album. Watch this space.


TommyT said...

Sick, sick remix Safron, example of raw talent. Everyone stay locked on
start of something big...

Certified Banger said...

check his production work on King David's track on there.