Tuesday, 30 December 2008

'Dance Move Shake!' - The Killer Meters (single review)

The Killer Meters started life with their album ‘Tribute to The Meters’. Those who know The Meters sound will know that the album centres around swampy funk and they may be expecting the same from it’s follow up release.

‘Dance Move Shake’ doesn’t quite fall into the category of New Orleans funk, in fact, whilst the influences are still evident it’s a rocky departure from their covers work. In fact, very rocky and bound to appeal to the fans of the new wave of bands mixing up electro, disco and rock. Karime, the female front woman, sure gives it some welly – she and her band deserve the success of lesser talented groups, such as, let's say, The Ting Tings.

‘Black Mountain’ is a much more traditional funk track and is my favourite of the two tracks. It’s a mid tempo groove which fulfils my entire bass, Hammond organ, horn and wah guitar needs in one go.

It comes as a double 7” pack which contains vocal versions and instrumentals (well worth a listen) and is packaged with full colour artwork from Brighton based artist Sri. It was released on 15th December on the excellent Breakin Bread label and can be gotten here.

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