Friday, 19 December 2008

Dialektiks Interview

"The people are just generally real friendly out here. Always willing to help…even the traffic wardens!"

Dialektiks, in self-promotion mode (THE way forward in this world of blogs and stuff) sent me a link for their 'Intelligent Design' mixtape the other day, I hooked up an interview instantly and it's all done and dusted now. Why not have a read:

Certified Banger: Yo Dialektiks, on behalf of everyone – thanks for dropping the free album! What were the best and worst things about making it?

Dialektiks: Because it was our first project, the best thing about making it was the progression made as artists every time we made a new track. We could hear our sound getting better and better as our techniques improved and when we put the tape together we got good reactions from people which really encouraged us to come at this bigger and better for the next project.

The worst thing about making the tape was all the technical stuff. Neither of us are sound engineers and all the levelling and EQ’ing took forever. For the next project we’re getting our friend, Fig Leaves, to do it all!

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