Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Coosh Headphones Review

The last few reviews I’ve written have been done via my Coosh headphones. In fact I’ve used these little beauts everyday for the last few weeks.

The aim of these headphones is that they stay on and feel good – both important criteria for an earpiece but not the critical criteria. Before I tell you if they stay on and feel good let me talk about what I look for in headphones – sound quality.

The shift in technology has been from big HiFi systems with great all round acoustics to tiny portable devices with, lets face it, pretty bad sonics – strange after all the years of work. In order to get the most out of a small, lets say mp3 player, you do need good headphones. I’ve found that Coosh actually do the job, surprising for such a reasonably priced product. I actually forget that I’m wearing earphones, I feel like I’m sitting in a room surrounded by a good sound system (I have used them mainly with my laptop).

The other reason I forget I’m wearing them is that they are comfy – they do feel good! I’ve been using mine without the silicone earring, basically because it looks a bit silly and is unnecessary when stationary. I haven’t tested them as rigourously as breakdancing crew the Massive Monkeys so can’t really comment on the ‘stays on’ aspect of the mission statement – we’ll just have to trust them.

The headphones are available for mp3 players, iphones and blackberrys, the phone versions have an inline push to answer button (which rattles annoyingly – but when you’ve got music on, you can’t hear that!). They retail between $19.99 and $24.99 and come in three contemporary colours – white, pink and black.

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