Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Celtic Underground Sessions

Northen Irish rapper Jee4CE ( pronounced G-Force) has been hard at work this year. He featured on 'Mic:Ctrl', the mix CD by Blufoot and Wytfang, has supported Immortal Technique and has recorded a session for Rory Mcconnell's Introducing Show on Radio 1.

He's also been busy collecting up tracks from Hip Hop acts from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. He's called his mixes 'Celtic Underground Session' and so far there are three installments. Below is the tracklisting for the second of the trilogy along with a download link for it:

1. The Elements - The Ruff Guide (Ireland)
2. Jee4ce - Modern Times (N.Ireland)
3. Joe Blow - Blunts In The Ashtray (Wales)
4. The Matchstick Men - Wack Weed skit (Scotland)
5. Scatabrainz ft. Loki - Across The Room (Scotland)
6. Maverick Sabre - One Youth (Ireland)
7. The Matchstick Men - Stalker (Scotland)
8. Messiah J and The Expert - Jean Is Planning An Escape (Ireland)
9. Marrik Layden Deft - Insomniac Olympics (Scotland)
10. Nu-centz & DJ Flip & Freeze Master Slick - Not A Problem (Ireland)
11. Correkt Minds - Pushing Up Daisys (Ireland)
12. Metabeats Ft. Skamma - Know Now (Wales)
13. Madhat - I Might Pass On (Scotland)
14. CatchKlick MCs ft. Jee4ce - The Introduction (Scotland)
15. DR-OP - Boogaloo (Wales)
16. Terawrizt - Raw Rhymes (Ireland)

Stream or download as one track or download as seperate tracks.

Here's a link for the 3rd installment but as yet there is no tracklist. Keep checking the Jee4ce myspace for more info.

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