Wednesday, 17 December 2008

'Floor by Floor' - Figment (free download)

An MC named Figment (from the Strictly Independent blog) has got himself a little self-released album together - 'Floor by Floor' (click to download) (or here if that doesn't work)

He's produced it all by himself and the beats are pretty nice - loads of soul sampling shenanigans which gives him a 'sound'. Figment has also pilfered from some other rather unusual sources for the comedic, bouncy title track and 'Love and Marriage'.

Figment has a likeable tone when Mcing and his subject matter is far from run of the mill. Where it passes through familiar territory it's done with great rhymes and lyrics.

Guests come in the form of Blokey, Chinners, Skrabl, R.T.S. and Tik-A-Tek.

Figment also put together a Jay-Z remix album called 'The Motown Album' which you can download here.

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