Monday, 15 December 2008

Do You Know: Squid Ninjaz?

Squid Ninjaz is a small record label from outta Barry Town, Wales. They've put out a few good releases lately and things are certainly looking to progress for them if they continue their upward movement.

Their last release was Joe Blow's cleverly-titled and art-worked 'Smoking Skills' which was released on 12" as well as on mp3 download. 'Blunts in the Ashtray', the final track on the EP is one I've been bumping with regularity and 'Poetry in Motion' produced by Associated Minds man Metabeats is an awesome track with a great video. The EP also features Cervantis, Junior Disprol, Qred, Hekla Kosh, Stagga (Optimas Prime) amongst others. You can cop this lovely piece of work straight from their website for a few quid.

Cervantis also released the not-too-dark but still-quite-dark 'Cloakroom EP' on the label (it features Cesto, Metabeats, Diverse Concepts and Joe Dirt) and Squid Ninjaz (as a group of artists) released 'Pug Ugly' which in their words is "a dark twisted soundscape of complex lyrics and beats featuring Metabeats, Joe Dirt, Ral Duke, Joe Blow, Cesto, Cervantis and Skamma".

There are also a couple of other releases from these boys to try and all can be ordered from their website. You can also go and be their friend on myspace, I'm going to do it right now.

Squid Ninjaz - 'Yellow Venom Styles'
Cervantis - 'Luna God'
Joe Blow - 'Blunts in the Ashtray'



's'all about the Squid Ninjaz buy all of that isht!

Check all the boys on this mixtape we did for Rob Da Bank & Friends on Radio 1

Chrome Kids - Enter The Dragon

Anonymous said...

A Big up 2 The Squidz For their monumental inspiration and f***ing Bangin products.
Also (HSG) for makin squidz possible
(this tunage is fresher than a virgins knickers )
thanks again . ps
u need this .

Anonymous said...

people that dont know need to get to know now, ..cos the squidz are coming....