Wednesday, 10 December 2008

On The Radar Artist Profile: Antmysta

Name: Antmysta

Age: 21

From: Leeds, West Yorkshire

Track on ‘On The Radar’: 'Taste The Ink'

Tell us the story behind the track: I had been un-employed for a while without any sort of money. So when I finally got it, it was like a drug which I had to have. But after a while it became a stale taste and thats where the song came from. Plus I just had enough with people telling me I wasn’t going to do anything.

Record label: Unsigned

Who you roll with: I’m a solo artist

Favourite album: 'Stillmatic'

Describe your style in three words: Yorkshire, Thoughtful, Provoking

Past/Present/Future projects: I got a future project in the making. It will be an EP with 5 songs and its called ‘Sticks And Stones EP’

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