Monday, 1 December 2008

On The Radar Artist Profile: B'Tol

Name: B’Tol aka The B Apostrophe

Age: 25

From: Bristol UK

Track on ‘On The Radar’: Finish This (Rassclart Rappers) ft. Da Herbalis of First Degree Burns.

Tell us the story behind the track: Aimed at the white Suburban types (see the skit before the track on the album!) who portray a certain image in order to get a foot in the big hip hop door… by putting on some cod Jamaican accent! So what better way to do it than over a Reggae type beat with proper job flows and a Jamaican fellow!

Record label: Independent

Who you roll with: The whole of Bristol! This track was made with young snare whipper snapper Jagos. My DJ, DJ Rogue is my usual partner in crime and right hand stage man.

Favourite album: TOO MANY!! Off the top, at this moment in time… The Undisputed Truth by Brother Ali.

Describe your style in three words: Percussive, Technical, rambunctious

Past/Present/Future projects: Once part of British Intelligence, responsible for the unreleased album “hole in my Old School”, now carving my solo rut. Upcoming projects include “Something’s What They’ve Done”, a remix version of “Something’s What We’ve Done” (produced by Jagos) featuring some brilliant up and coming producers. After that, my solo project proper, entitled “Self seeing” featuring producers from across the globe, and collaborations with local and international artists… all will come in good time!!

Download the whole compilation here

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