Monday, 16 February 2009

'Ashley Walters' - Ashley Walters (album review)

February 23rd 2009 sees the release of the latest album from Ashley Walters. The self titled release is his first under this moniker having previously gone under the (stolen) name Asher D.

Walking a line that is surely intended to draw fans from his garage days, the Grime and Hip Hop scenes and the radio listeners Ashley has invited relevant guests along for the ride: Chipmunk, Sway, Durrty Goodz, Ghetts (Ghetto) and Nolay provide verses, Joe Buhdah, Baby J, Scandalous, Maniac, Terror Danjah, Swindle and others supply beats and Mutya Buena, Ebru and Elrae provide sung vocals. Even Ashley’s two sons and daughters pitch in for the sympathy vote!

Most tracks sit well together but tracks like ‘Whoa pt. 2’ seem incongruous – the downside to trying to appeal to everyone. ‘Stress Filled Days’ and ‘Generations’ are an example of a more mature and responsible outlook.

The better tracks lie at each end of the album, sandwiching a few weaker tracks. However, someone reading this will probably only enjoy those four tracks so the wide target audience stunt may be a successful ploy.


fullygrown said...

I remember hearing the Whoa Pt. 2 on Logan Sama's show ages ago. The beat's nuts so not surprising it may not fit that well with everything else.

I swear I heard this was his last album? He might have taken that back since, but adds something else to the plot if it still stands.

Certified Banger said...

Don't know if it's his last album, he'll make enough in acting so he won't need music! No-one seems to stick to those promises anyway, look at Eminem and Jay-Z!