Tuesday, 3 February 2009

'Wives' - Eaters (album review)

Very alternative Scottish Hip Hoppers Eaters bring to you ‘Wives’, their fourth album release. Those who like their rap music unorthodox will enjoy this one. Whilst still employing typically Hip Hop methods – rhymes, beats and cuts Eaters have managed to create something slightly strange.

If any comparisons were to be drawn it would be to the output of Anticon and MCs like Sage Francis – kinda like emo-rap or something. Obviously this is not for everyone and this certainly does not have mass appeal – it would be a strange day if this was played on daytime radio. Don’t get me wrong, this is good stuff; in fact it’s carefully crafted and honed.

Production wise (the group of 2 MCs and 2 DJs share the board work) the album is forward thinking, electronica and rock seeming to provide main inspiration although you may hear different influences. Subject matter is mainly, and self admittedly, rantish – Hip Hop, advertising, consumerism and people all get the tirade treatment which is a bit much sometimes honestly.

‘Wives’ is out now on Incorporeal Recordings and it can be bought with Scottish or British pounds here.

Eaters - 'Brain Hoover'
Eaters - 'Deformities'
Eaters - 'Puzzlebox'

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