Tuesday, 3 February 2009

'Holy Residents EP' - Blessed House (free download)

In my link-following search for freeness I found (on the same label as the Tom Caruana release) this EP from Leeds based Hip Hop group Blessed House.

'Holy Residents EP' is well and truly in the vein of UK Hip Hop artists like Jehst. Blessed House add to that a sizeable pinch of cheeky toilet humour and wit.

The beats are punchy and varied. Their ability to be serious is demonstrated on 'Wrong Path' and tracks such as 'Debt Collector' goes beyond the normal realms of rap subject matter. 'Layout' features Fourny P and Tington Sterling on a straight up battle tip and the headnodder 'Sinister' features Corkhill.

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Solocypher said...

Just got the first track playing now, this is sounding mad nice already!