Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Clash of the Wordsmiths

Things is about to get complicated! UK heads will know of Wordsmith, the man who dropped the sought after 'The Roadman Showcase' and is about to drop his new album 'In Pursuit of Harmony'.

Some folk who keep their ear to the virtual streets of the internet will know about another Wordsmith, the Baltimore rapper who is constantly on his grind, dropping mixtape after mixtape, track after track and doing show after show at the same time as keeping us bloggers well up-to-date with the happs.

Well Wordsmith (US) is coming to the UK: "For fans of Wordsmith across the Atlantic we have another collaboration album for you. Baltimore artist, Wordsmith, and Dutch artist I.N.C. The Poet, signed a digital distribution deal on 9/19/08 with Dented Records in the United Kingdom to release their album "A Baltimore Martini" and Word is currently working on a 3 year P&D Deal with the major UK distributor Pickwick group for the album/other projects as well. This unique concept album is Hip-Hop in its truest form and with it we hope to cement our artist Wordsmith as an international superstar."

That's Dented Records who currently distribute a sizeable proportion of the hottest UK talent such as DJ IQ, Dr. Syntax, Dubbledge, Foreign Beggars, Kashmere, Kyza, Skrein, Stig, Verb T and more!

If you want to get up on the US Wordsmith then download some mixtapes here.

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