Wednesday, 18 February 2009

'Skilzstrumentals Vol. 1' - IllSkilz (free download)

The producer behind Beit Nun's latest release, Dutchman IllSkilz has dropped a free beat tape for all to cop. And it's some fair cop. He's as diverse as can be yet still maintains a distinct sound -you get the impression there are no limits when it comes to producing. You get stuff that would sound at home on an early Massive Attack LP ('My Story') right next to terrifingly hard bangers like 'Buss Raps Like Bullets' - Mobb Deep need to put in a call.

MCs y'all need to drop the man a line, but don't use any of these phrases: "I got lyrics that would fit to that beat", "I can make your beats famous here", "I got the right contacts to get ya a deal", "Send us your best beats for radio promotion or "I almost got a deal, I can make you famous" - they won't work. Although heavily influenced by the West Coast all tastes are catered for on this 13 track sample of just what Illskilz is capable of and aside from a couple of dodgily mastered tracks he is more than capable. MCs worldwide regardless of subgenre should find something to flow over and if you don't rap, just listen, there's enough going on for these beats to stand alone.


Solocypher said...

Any chance of a re-up on this link?

Certified Banger said...

Link repaired my man!

Certified Banger said...
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