Saturday, 21 February 2009

'The Future' ft. The Game - Joe Budden (single review)

Joe Budden is making a fresh bid for some more of that ‘Pump It Up’ type cash. It’s in the form of the shockingly trend-following ‘The Future’. It’s got those panning synths and yes, you guessed, some auto-tune vocals. It’s so pedestrian that even The Game can’t make it bang, and I didn’t know that was possible.

It’s got me thinking that actually Nas saying Hip Hop was dead was actually a prophecy about the future. Man, it might even have been a prophecy about ‘The Future’.

Whatever I say about this though isn’t going to matter to the puppets who buy anything the radio presents to them, and I’m sure radio will be all over this one – get ready to be sick of hearing it.

‘The Future’ is out on Amalgam Digital on 23rd February. ‘The Future’ is the lead single taken from Joe Budden's forthcoming sophomore album ‘Padded Room’ available on CD & Digital on February 24th.


Pete said...

It's a radio-friendly single, yeah... But in comparison to most of the other garbage on the airwaves, I'd be proud to hear these 2 getting it in at No. 1 sometime soon. I just copped 'Padded Room' and you gotta give it to Joey, the album as a whole hasn't grown on me, but I can't stop banging the damn thing YET!

Certified Banger said...

Yeah that's a fair point but there are plenty of The Game's songs that I'd RATHER hear on the radio...dunno about Joe Budden. Might have to listen to the album.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I like "the Future" the orignal version was the best from the snippet but the retail version is good. The mixing engineers or the executive producers or Joe messed this possible hit up. But anyways. It grows on me. so I don't blame the producer of the track, I blame the aforementioned people in my comment. Joe won't step forward to clear this producer's name, that he had nothing to do with the change, So it's as if he produced this weaker version. So people need to spread the word, Fyu-chur didn't do this.