Tuesday, 10 February 2009

On The Radar Artist Profile: The Three Amigos

Name: The Three Amigos (Leaf, Bva + Naive)

Age: Leaf 22, Bva 22, Naive 25

From: Leaf - East London + Glastonbury, Bva - Glastonbury, Naive- Brighton

Track on ‘On The Radar’: 'Real Life Drama' - The Three Amigos

Tell us the story behind the track: Well we wanted to make a statement to everyone that we were not like them and that we make real music to help real lives! So this is a big GET F**KED to some certain MCs trying to fade the 3's empire!

Record Label: R.L.D Records (Real.Life.Drama)

Who you roll with: Artists we roll with are Mr Dick(our DJ), (Kid Genius, Assa, Contact Play - R.L.D Crew a side project of ours), Tactical Thinking crew, Ghosttown, Orifice Vulgatron. DJ Insight, Dirty Dike, SMB, 2 Many Steps. We have worked with Sadat X, Diamond D, Rampage (Flipmode) and Dr Syntax.

Favourite album(s): ‘36 Chambers’, ‘Ready 2 Die’, ‘Moment of Truth’ (Gangstarr), ‘Firing ‘ (M.O.P.), Dr Dre’s ‘2001’, Task Force’s ‘MFTC 1’ and basically every album from the 90's.

Describe your style in three words: Real Life Drama

Past/Present/Future projects: We have an album from 2005 that we released on R.L.D Records which is still available from our website or myspace page. ‘World War 3’ is nearly ready to be released, its set for 2009 on R.L.D records with some help from Dented Records. Leaf's solo album is also pretty much finished and features Diamond D and Rampage (Flipmode). Other projects being worked on are another 3 amigos album, An R.L.D Album featuring the whole crew and a few more projects yet to take shape.

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