Wednesday, 11 February 2009

On The Radar Artist Profile: Chima Anya

Name: Chima Anya

Age: 24

From: Oxford

Track on ‘On The Radar’: 'All I Wanna do' ft Chemo

Tell us the story behind the track: Beat is sick. Needed a sick MC!

Record Label: Phoenix Down

Who you roll with: GTA/ Ineffable/ Astrosnare/ Kid Fury

Favourite album(s): ‘Ready 2 Die’

Describe your style in three words: Swagger, Soul, Intelligence

Past/Present/Future projects:

Past: GTA – 'Love is Here' (EP) 2006, GTA – 'The Way' (LP) 2008
Present: Chima Anya 'Higher Ground (Everything's S**t)' Mixtape March 09
Future: Chima Anya + AstroSnare 'TBC' (LP) Sept 08

You still haven't got it? Get 'On The Radar Volume 2 now - it's free y'know?!


Anonymous said...

seriously??? this guys a douche.

Certified Banger said...

Seriously? You use the word 'douche'? If anyone's a douche, it's got to be MIA.

This song has got the most love on the whole compilation so far.

MIA's version is in Slumdog Millionaire and all I could think of was this one!

Mr Bananas said...

hold tight Chima!

Farma said...

i thought my version was good till i heard this one..respect to Chima.

i dont dislike M.I.A but dude kinda hit the truth with a stick. Blop