Saturday, 21 February 2009

Ghost Album To Be Released In June

UK producer Ghost will be releasing his new album entitled 'Freedomof Thought' later on this year in June. The album, which is already available in Japan (?!), will feature the good vocal tones of Verb T, Finale, Dubbledge and Jehst - no small fry then.

The artwork, left, is by Will Barras, member of the Scrawl Collective, who's artwork is super lovely and pretty tripped out.

April will see a vinyl EP release as a taster for what the album holds. For starters, head over to Ghost's myspace page because there are loads of clips from the album to be heard by your head flappers. It sounds right chilled whilst still being a banger, maybe it's all the New Zealandish air?

In very long term (well, it's quite far away), Ghost's third album 'Invisible Inc' should be dropping in 2010 - this is the album with Verb T and Kashmere.

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