Monday, 2 February 2009

Asaviour Interview

"When I hear the words UK Hip Hop I can’t lie; the thought of unfinished beats, raps about rapping come to mind…"

Asaviour has been on the rise for a few years now and his forthcoming LP 'The A Loop Theory' will surely cement him a place at the top of the UK Rap pile. Here he is talking about his past, Lowlife, who he's worked with and which tracks off his new album with DJ IQ are his favourites:

Certified Banger: Yo Asaviour! You’re gearing up for a new release but before we get into that, for those who have kept their ears closed over the last 3 or 4 years, can you give us a quick history of Asaviour?

Asaviour: First appeared on Jehst’s ‘Premonitions’ EP, worked with artists like Konny Kon and Strategy, featured on a track by Jehst called ‘People Under the Weather’, worked with a number of artists like Yungun, Kyza, DJ IQ, Dubbledge, Micall Parkinsun, Verb T, Ghost etc. Dropped an EP called ‘Savoir Faire’ on Lowlife Records. Then released the single ‘Money in the Bank’ REMIX backed with ‘The Homecoming’ on YNR Productions, followed that up with a debut LP on Lowlife records called ‘The Borrowed Ladder’, released a series of mixtapes called ‘Play 2 Win’ and I’m about to drop a new album alongside DJ IQ called ‘The A Loop Theory’. There’s a few different records in between all that but… you get the idea!

CB: So, what is it that you’ve got coming soon? Tell us a bit about that:

Asaviour - 'Lust Letters' (The remix) - Taken from the Play to Win 2 MixCD
Asaviour - 'Sucker or Savvy Revisited' - Featured on the Play to Win 2 MixCD - Taken from the forth coming Album 'The A Loop Theory'
Asaviour - 'The Aim' - Taken from the Play to Win 2 MixCD