Monday, 2 February 2009

Grit Grammar Interview

"The representation of UK rap in the general media is also appalling, and after all these years they still don't want to take it seriously, and treat it as if it’s some kind of parody of its US counterpart."

You know how it goes: A UKHH artist drops a release and Certified Banger does an interview. This time it's the turn of London MC Grit Grammar who recently dropped his free release 'Reflections in the Dark'. Here he chats about that, the future and the state of UK Hip Hop:

Certified Banger: Grit Grammar, tell us 5 important facts about yourself:

Grit Grammar: Well I'm from London, I've been rapping for years, but only just released my first project called 'Reflections in The Dark'. I promote a successful Hip Hop night in London, and I've got my official debut album dropping this year, fully produced by Baron Samedi.

CB: ‘Reflections in the Dark’ is a free album. Give us some more info on that:

GG: It's a collection of 13 original tracks written and recorded between 2004 –2008. In reality most of the tracks are from 2004-2006 but I got a couple of newer joints in there as well. I got production from some dope producers such as Baron Samedi, Complex, Creep, I.C, Soul Coke, Shrunken Bones and Guice. Baron Samedi is the only feature on the album. It’s basically a select choice of cuts from my earlier days of recording, that I put out as a free promo project to start getting my name out there before my official solo drops.

You can download it now for free @


CB: What made you give all your hard work away for free? How will you benefit from that?

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