Friday, 13 February 2009

On The Radar Artist Profile: Miss Tofelees

Name: Miss Tofelees

Age: 33 – the granny of uk Hip Hop!

From: Huddersfield, now living in Leeds

Track on ‘On The Radar’: 'The Title' by Dabbla, produced by Miss Tofelees

Tell us the story behind the track:

Miss Tofelees: I had been wanting London Zoo to jump on a track for quite some time. It was then Dabbla who warmed to my beats and decided to do a track with me. His rapping is a lyrical feast for the starving fans passionate about good lyrics out there.

Dabbla: The track for me was a whole bunch of thoughts and emotions I've had or been having trying to find peace within oneself. Without getting all deep and carrying on with myself I'd just like to say its refreshing to receive such a well produced, soulful instrumental to spill my kinda ish onto. Don't know where Miss T finds her samples but she's got a serious ear and takes good care when putting this stuff together! MCs out there need to holla, get involved quick sharp and ask nicely for some beats before I tag em all up! Hot s**t for double 0-9 star!

What Farma said: More big tunes... Dabbla holds the mellow groove well and spits the bars nicely: "be a tree and bend with the wind". Clear and coherent!

Record Label: Sinoptic

Who you roll with: I am one half of the group Homeless Genius with 3Demons of Don't Talk to Strangers. I am also doing an album on Sinoptic records run by Exp and Super funk group Freyed Knot. I am also doing a lot of work with Spida Lee from Huddersfield.

Favourite album(s): Too many to mention but those that immediately spring to mind are 'MadVillainy' by Madvillain, 'Donuts' by J Dilla, 'Special Herbs' by MF Doom, and the new album by yours truly!

Describe your style in three words: Jazz, funk, passion

Past/Present/Future projects:

Past: 'Tomorrow’s World' featured on Osmosis mixtape 'Wizard of Oz', 'Feel So Right' featured on Kats and Domer mixtape 'Almost Fameless Volume 1', 'How Long' featured on Smokio mixtape 'Last Orders', 'I Don’t Want' featured on Tapestry mixtape 'Laced', 'Coolo' by Spida Lee and D.Bo. 'General' featured on 'Grind Time UK Edition Volume 1' hosted by DJ Ames, 'Incompatible' by Deci4life featured on 'Grind Time UK Edition Volume 3' hosted by DJs Ames, Drama and Woogie.

Present: I got a business idea I am working on but gotta keep that secret! I am constantly producing beats and promoting them. Currently working on tracks with 3demons for Homeless Genius.

Future: Miss Tofelees album released on Sinoptic, 'Homeless Genius EP', 'The Title' on Dabbla's EP, 'Cursed in da Streets 2' on Universal Balance album, a couple of beats on Tapestry mixtape, a few tunes on Spida Lee album, plenty more projects still needing to be confirmed!!!

And yes, you can still get the motherload of tracks recently endorsed by Task Force's Farma G.

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