Monday, 16 February 2009

Free Ice Cream

Gloriously throwing a defiant selection of fingers at anything resembling a pigeon hole the folks over at Free Ice Cream have got some freebies for you.

Their own unique (and I mean that) brand of Hip Hop often veers towards the more ign'ant side of things but as soon as it does the wheel is righted straight to the leftfield via the hilariously whacked out pseudo-mundane. What's round the corner is a thoroughly unknown entity and Hip Hop hard heads will no doubt balk at some of the stuff on these releases.

The main guys over there are Kats and Domer who are currently working on Volume 3 of their series 'Almost Fameless'. The whole movement came from their putting on of parties and it's evident in their music - best enjoyed with free BBQ, beer and ice cream.

Their latest project 'Business/Casual' features Hip Hop remixes indie rock songs by bands like White Stripes, Black Lips and Spoon (not bands I listen to) and it's pretty cool. Be sure to download volumes 1 and 2 of 'Almost Fameless' and check out 'On The Radar' artist Miss Tofelees' track 'Feels So Right' for some loveliness.

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