Wednesday, 25 February 2009

On The Radar Artist Profile: Chattabox & Lowercase

Name: Chattabox & Lowercase

Age: 23

From: North East and South West

Track on ‘On The Radar’: 'The Rugged Brothers'

Tell us the story behind the track: Me and Otis from Lowercase wanted to make an absolute pig ignorant battle track. I met Otis and Sober at a gig in Bristol, I like the idea of a monster mash of regional accents so we formed like Voltron to create ‘The Rugged Brothers’ a 2 headed arrogant s**t bag fuelled with piss and cider. After the track was completed we did enjoy a lovely tea and a bourbon to celebrate our success.

Record Label: The Swamps

Who you roll with: Chattabox of the North East crew Dialect, Samuel Otis of the South West crew Lowercase, Sober of Sober & Dribbla, Milestone of The Cohorts, Mr Monk of Fat Club and DJ Rogue - together we're collectively known as ‘The Swamps'.

Favourite album(s): Dain't have one.

Describe your style in three words: mint, belters, cushty

Past/Present/Future projects: The Swamps have an album coming out later in the year called ‘Hard Graft’ featuring some all-star guest from all different parts of the country. Expect sick flows and regional accents! Lowercase are also working on their album, and Dialect's album 'D.Day' will be dropping in March and it features Vast Aire, Copywrite, D Strong of The IRS, Mic Assassin and more…

What? You haven't downloaded the whole thing yet? 19 more tracks of UK Hip Hop? Do it!

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Bane said...

Props to Chattabox! The Dialect album is going to be big! Support proper hip hop music!