Monday, 9 February 2009

'The Oracle' Kasha (album review)

With obvious salutations to his inspirations, London youngster Kasha has carved a nice little album for himself. ‘The Oracle’ is an entertaining listen with stand-out moments coming earlier on in the playlist. ‘The Wake Up’ must be intentionally reminiscent of Nas’ ‘Memory Lane’ and ‘Coming Back With It’ reminds of the more recent superstar; Lupe Fiasco.

‘Hustling’, whilst a topic that has been covered innumerable times, is a nice guitar led track that’ll have you singing along. ‘Black Rhyme’ finishes off the one, two, one, two dual-combo that kicks off the album with a positive message over a backwards looking, forward thinking production from Vivid Imagery.

Kasha’s flow is unorthodox; a stream of ideas mingled with wordplay which makes for some refreshing listening – a unique flow is a gift in this market. The album continues focussing on life’s themes: love, girls, work, imaginary stories and reality. Sonically you get Blaxploitation, Soul and Orchestral sounds all touched up with an up-to-date Hip Hop brush.

‘The Oracle’ can be bought now at Suspect Packages. Check Kasha’s myspace and website.

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